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From 2005, the NABOS/CABOS is a part of the US Program SEARCH.

For the International Polar Year (IPY, 2007-09) we propose a coordinated large-scale Mooring-based Arctic Ocean Observational System (MAOOS) where the NABOS/CABOS is among leading programs. Linked with North Atlantic and Canadian Archipelago observations provided by other international programs like ASOF (Arctic/Subarctic Ocean Fluxes), our large-scale oceanographic survey will provide a unique opportunity for coordinated long-term measurements over a vast polar/sub-polar region. Our vision is for this program to evolve into a long-term observational program which, together with other observational programs like the NSF-led SEARCH program or the EU-led DAMOCLES program, the Canadian-led ArcticNet, the Japan/Canada JWACS (Joint Western Arctic Climate Studies) program, will provide crucial information for detection of major climatic changes in the Arctic Ocean. Under the stimulus of the IPY, this program will become one of the most comprehensive mooring-based observational systems of the Arctic Ocean. The intention is to make this program a backbone of the proposed integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System (iAOOS). Strong ties with our partners secures success of the MAOOS.